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23 - 25 May 2018


Crown Conference Centre

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Opens 3 Sept 2018

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A conference about solutions - not software

BILT is an annual event, designed to cater to the needs of those who design, build, operate and maintain our built environment. As a community of professionals, it is dedicated to improving the way industry works together.

No other event brings so many opportunities and benefits together in a single location. As a 'by users, for users' event, BILT is the best place to get unvarnished advice from the people who really know their stuff, yet continue to learn themselves. Business leaders, thought leaders, innovators and implementers; they are all part of our community and ready to share their secrets (okay, some of their secrets...) to aid in the quest for a better, smarter industry, and a stronger, more sustainable built environment.

Why Attend:

  • Choose from over 100 classes, labs and discussions from over 70 speakers over 3 days on topics relevant to architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, builders, facility managers and owners, taught by international experts coming from around the world.
  • Best practices for Virtual Reality, Digital Engineering, Reality Capture, Drones, DfMA, VDC, BIM and IDD
  • Dedicated exhibition featuring the latest cutting edge technology and solutions for the industry.
  • The only event with something for everyone. This is an event that actively promotes collaboration practice  between industry professionals.
  • Proven project delivery methods for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management.
  • Learn how to leverage digital information and technology to support your business objectives
  • Learn how to improve the value of your profession within the industry

Who Should Attend:

Architects, Engineers, Digital Engineering Managers, CAD/BIM Managers, Construction Managers, Contractors, Builders, Facilities Management, Quantity Surveyors, Estimators, Subcontractors, Developers, Project Managers, Property Owners, Design Managers and Digital Modellers.

We believe that:

  • Technology is an enabler of better processes and outcomes, not a driver in and of itself.
  • Our industry has failed to keep pace with others in productivity and innovation, but that provides clear opportunities for improvement.
  • Our industry is siloed, fractured and too often adversarial; but we wish to play a role in changing this by bringing people together from different backgrounds to learn from each other.
  • Getting people to change behaviours is the hardest part of any change.
  • As an educational and networking event, BILT provides a variety of opportunities to learn and share, to probe and challenge, to listen and to be heard. Our sessions focus on the use of best-in-class tools, processes and workflows, behaviours and leadership.

As a natural and necessary evolution of the RTC Community, BILT is a unique, independent conference and community. Whether you are a practitioner or consumer of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Digital Engineering (DE) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC); whether your projects are buildings or infrastructure; whatever your preferred technology; whatever your role in the lifecycle of the built environment; we want to help you, your firm and wider industry become more effective, more impactful and more productive.

“BILT was an amazing experience, all the latest sector technology was on show, and everyone was friendly & approachable. I met a lot of passionate people that were keen to share their knowledge, which I will be able to use in my company to create better processes & better value for my customers”
-Julie-ann Ross, design arc Limited

“BILT is one of the key reasons I have professionally developed, improved client outputs and climbed the corporate ladder at a rate my peers could not match. There is no way any other event could do the same for me. I recommend anyone in the AECO industry that has passion for technology and collaboration attend a BILT event”
- Keeley Pomeroy, AECOM

“BILT ANZ is truly an amazing event, the knowledge shared is excellent. I have attended three now and the ideas/information you can bring back to your company as well as personally development is second to none and the quality of the evening functions are the icing on the cake to the event.”
-Bryce Cromar, Calder Stewart

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