Have we changed the event name just for the sake of it?
No. We’ve needed to adjust our identity to better reflect who we are and our purpose and focus for some time. We have people NOT attending purely based on the correlation between our name and what we do or do not provide for. We are not discontinuing a key focus on Revit, but we are preparing for current and future needs that include not just software, not just design-related issues and not just buildings.
Why does the logo still say ‘by RTC’?
Whilst we forge a new event identity, the RTC brand is well recognised globally amongst the design community. ‘By RTC’ is simply an acknowledgement of our origins, rather than who we are today, and this is in effect temporarily during the transition to the new name. Those familiar with RTC will understand there is a relationship between the legacy RTC events and BILT, whereas those less familiar can gain an insight into where we as a community have come from, and why we do what we do.
Why ‘BILT’, and not BIM-something-or-other?
Our name had to reflect not only who we are, but who we strive to be. Having a software namesake in our title has proven to be valuable for a time - as ‘BIM’ might. However, given the increasing use of related terms like VDC, Digital Engineering and so on, ‘BIM’ itself would have a shelf-life. Already it has begun to suffer from some negative stigma from people whose experience with it has fallen short of their expectations (for whatever reasons). We needed an identity that would serve its purpose for years to come, as we pursue our vision to become a trusted builder of communities dedicated to the built environment. We now have the freedom to do this with respect to Buildings, Infrastructure and Lifecycle, while supported by Technology. We do this by Bringing Industry Leadership Together to tackle industry challenges.
What are our customers’ expectations?
Our customers have extremely high expectations. Our customers typically represent the early adopter and early majority from the AECO industry. While the late majority may still be picking up Revit now, the knowledge in industry regarding it has matured and will continue to. Other challenges are faced by those in our demographic; both technical and strategic, and we want to focus on this demographic of committed problem solvers.
Does our present event name confuse the customer?
Our RTC event name has served us well for many years, but for some groups, it has served as a reason not to attend our events and learn more (first-hand) of who we are and what we’re about. While we’ve been about more than Revit for some time; acknowledging it as not just a software but an ecosystem, we’re still represented as a software-specific conference. This has been truer in some regions/events than others, but we have had to develop other splinter events to focus on other issues/needs. Our customers who have yet to become part of our community have not been well represented, and their absence is due to confusion about our identity and other issues, such as market maturity and readiness.
How does renaming/rebranding compellingly help achieve our goals?
Our brand needs to help us achieve our goals. It needs to speak directly to our identity and purpose, who we serve and what we do. It needs to better reflect this in a present and future tense, not that of a past tense.
How does event name change improve the customer experience?
The renaming of RTC reflects the needs of our customers in present and future tense. We believe technology serves as an enabler of better systems, workflows and outcomes - but is not an end outcome or driver in its own right. Change in relation to technology requires effort, and particularly in planning, communication and driving behaviour.
So where does Revit fit within all this?
As much as it’s been a big part of our community for many years, Autodesk Revit is merely a tool. It used to be all about architecture, then it was about architecture and engineering. Nowadays it’s beginning to be used in infrastructure projects, and for construction. As a core BIM authoring tool, we expect it will remain a focus for many of our speakers and attendees, but we don’t want to be limited to any one tool. There are plenty of other challenges faced by our community that we can tackle together. When our community is mature in their use of any tool - like Revit - the need to focus so closely on it will diminish, and this has already been occurring over recent years. The enthusiasm and commitment of our community to finding the best solutions to problems is something that can carry more influence if it is shared with others.
Will the renaming be reflected on social media?
While @RTCevents remains the proud new parent, please follow @BILTevent for all event specific tweets. We encourage discussion on the following twitter hashtags: #BILTasia, #BILTanz, #BILTna and #BILTeur.
Does RTC need customer feedback and input to rebrand?
We’ve undertaken many conversations between ourselves and others in relation to this matter. This is directly in the remit of the Executive Committee, in steering the direction of the organisation and events. We’ve had people from outside our demographic indicating they do not participate/attend because of what our old name/brand indicates about us. While we know we stand for more than just a software tool, this isn’t clear to wider industry.

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