Introducing BILT

Why have we changed our name?

We are amidst inescapable change. We are no longer the Revit Technology Conference. That name has been the basis for the establishment of a community of people committed to industry improvement and leveraging technology to achieve great outcomes - all united by their interest in a particular software tool. The software itself was great – and it remains great, but it’s not the most important thing to this same group of people, and it’s not the only thing. Many of the early adopters are now focused on different problems that need solving. Some of them remain part of our core network, and others have moved on.

Historically, we've had a focus on Revit; exclusively in the early years, and later, non-exclusively. We've also been focused on design, but this (however inadvertently) has been to the exclusion of others downstream from design. Software is not everything there is to BIM, and BIM is not the domain of the design community alone. To achieve the promises of BIM, we need to help others engage and benefit from it too. If we really want to help industry, we have to figure out how to provide better value outcomes to - and experiences for - those we serve. We can’t do this if we’re solely focused on solving our own immediate problems while ignoring the real ones. We must ‘move the needle’.

However, if we can engage with others in our industry effectively – quantity surveyors and estimators, planners, construction managers, design managers, trade contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, operations and maintenance personnel – even end users of the facilities we help procure; if we can lead them, help them, listen to them and focus not only on our own issues, then we believe we can be yet far more effective than we have been to date. We can influence industry together.

We’ve been too much, and too long in our own silo. We have common problems to solve, and commons solutions to be found.

Therein lies an opportunity for us to reframe what it is to be an architect, or an engineer, and what value we provide in our roles on our projects.

Industry is becoming familiar with terms like BIM, VDC, Digital Engineering and so on. BIM has historically been focused on buildings, and some people are quite sensitive to the use of specific terminology. Our industry faces challenges applicable to the lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure, and is supported by improvements in technology. We recognize that technology is an enabler of better processes and outcomes, not a driver in and of itself. Whatever your role in the lifecycle of the built environment, we want to help you and the industry become more effective and productive.

What are we seeking to accomplish?

To build communities dedicated to the built environment.


BILT is an annual event, run in multiple regions around the globe, designed to cater to the needs of those who design, build, operate and maintain our built environment. As a community of professionals, it is dedicated to improving the way industry works together.

We believe that:

  • Technology is an enabler of better processes and outcomes, not a driver in and of itself.
  • Our industry has failed to keep pace with others in productivity and innovation, but that provides clear opportunities for improvement.
  • Our industry is siloed, fractured and too often adversarial; but we wish to play a role in changing this by bringing people together from different backgrounds to learn from each other.
  • Getting people to change behaviours is the hardest part of any change.

As an educational and networking event, BILT provides a variety of opportunities to learn and share, to probe and challenge, to listen and to be heard. Our sessions focus on the use of best-in-class tools, processes and workflows, behaviours and leadership.

As a natural and necessary evolution of the RTC Community, BILT is a unique, independent conference and community. Whether you are a practitioner or consumer of BIM, DE, VDC; whether your projects are buildings or infrastructure; whatever your preferred technology; whatever your role in the lifecycle of the built environment; we want to help you, your firm and wider industry become more effective, more impactful and more productive.

No other event brings so many opportunities and benefits together in a single location. As a 'by users, for users' event, BILT is the best place to get unvarnished advice from the people who really know their stuff, yet continue to learn themselves. Business leaders, thought leaders, innovators and implementers; they are all part of our community and ready to share their secrets (okay, some of their secrets...) to aid in the quest for a better, smarter industry, and a stronger, more sustainable built environment.

Join our BILT community, BILT for you.

Okay, so it’s an acronym. What does it stand for, then?


Lifecycle, supported by


Building and bringing

What are our core values?

Best-of-breed focus. Top-notch speakers and presenters. Location and venue. High quality content shared/delivered.
We ARE the industry; independently run actively supporting our industry. Warts-and-all, ‘unvarnished’ information shared. Motivated by learning.
Improvement of industry, development of leaders. New/fresh presentations. Emerging technologies and their implication on our industry. Connection to industry development sources. Continual improvement.
Best-in-class user experience
Expressed through simple, effortless processes for speakers, sponsors and attendees. Registrations. Food. Accommodation. Message. Sense of community.
Sensus Communitatis
Sense of Community. Venues that keep attendees together. Being ‘family-friendly’. Social activities. Relaxed, informal atmosphere. Money/profit is not the primary driver. Sense of humour. Approachability. Willingness to accept criticism, and desire to constantly improve. Accessibility of organisers, speakers and others.
Motivated, engaged and 100% committed to our community. Foster industry growth in terms of quality, efficiency, inclusion and sustainability. Want to encourage and enable AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner/Operators) industry to continuously improve. Sustained and sustainable RTCem (RTC Events Management - parent company) growth.

Giving BILT a compelling story

RTC Events Management (the team behind events like RTC, BCS, DTS and Data Day) will bring to BILT many of the same core values and commitments as demonstrated since RTC’s inception, by providing:


We understand the issues faced by our industry beyond just our direct existing communities. To see our industry become more effective, we believe we can take our existing culture and achievements, and apply these to new industry groups/sectors, particularly the same desire for improvement, problem-solving, knowledge sharing and sense of community.


We are run ‘by users, for users’, and our network/community gives us an insight into changing technology and market conditions. Given the sense of belonging our community enjoys, it’s important to us that they feel connected to the change, and clear about the direction we’re taking together. We expect a lot from our speakers, sponsors and attendees, and they’re right to expect a lot from us.


We encourage our demographic to accept and embrace change as a way of life; ever-pursuing improvement and enhanced outcomes. Where we see conditions change, we need to practice what we preach and be prepared to change also. We believe that without this change, we’re not acting in the interests of our community.


Clarity about our focus and our appreciation for the needs of the communities we serve is supported via the rebrand. The new brand can be explained well via a supporting narrative.

Want to know more?

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General Enquiries

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