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Conference Materials

1.2TimWaldockBest Tall Building in the World – in RevitGeneral (multi-discipline), BIM Management, Architecture
1.2RobertYoriIs 'Quick and Dirty' Really so Bad?Architecture, Simulation & Analysis
1.2MartyRozmanithThe Business Value of BIM: Recent Global Research and Examples from Leading PractitionersBusiness Strategy/Leadership
1.2KellyConeUsing the new Revit Model Checker Add in to Streamline the Auditing of ModelsBIM Management, Simulation & Analysis, General (multi-discipline)
1.2JeremyTammikLAB: Getting Started with Revit Macros Coding, Content & Customisation, BIM Management
1.2RandallStevensLAB: Take Control of Your Assets (including Families and Drafting Views)
1.3MartinTaurerClose BIM Encounters of the Third KindBIM Management General (multi-discipline)
1.3JeremyTammikCloud-Based Universal Component and Asset Usage Analysis, Visualisation and ReportingBIM Management Operations and Maintenance, Coding, Content & Customisation
1.3Arnode Langede Boer Tents - the Abuse of Curtain SystemsGeneral (multi-discipline) Construction/Fabrication, Coding, Content & Customisation
1.3DougWilliamsDesign Teams Take Back Control of BIM Design Coordination & this is How we are Doing it!Architecture BIM Management, MEP
1.3PeterKompolschekLAB: Constructions are Self AwareArchitecture Civil
1.3JasonChenLAB: Family MattersArchitecture BIM Management, General (multi-discipline)
1.4MartinCoyneDynamo - Dynamite for Schedules!Estimation Architecture, MEP
1.4HarryMattisonGet the Data Out: Calculating & Computing What Revit Won't Give YouSimulation & Analysis Estimation, Coding, Content & Customisation
1.4DanDolanLearning: How International Firms and Universities Stay Competitive. The NEW approachEstimation Architecture, MEP
1.4TillSchererPerformance Driven Design: The Future of SustainabilityArchitecture, Simulation & Analysis, BIM Management
1.4DanielHurtubiseLAB: Innovative New Ways to Present a ProjectVisualisation Business Strategy/Leadership
1.4SimonWhitbreadLAB: Lasers, Analysis and Chapels: Behind the ScenesSimulation & Analysis Architecture
1.5AnthonyHauckRevit + | Project PerformanceGeneral (multi-discipline)
2.1PaulDanis3 Key Requirements for Making Revit Collaboration Successful Across SitesBusiness Strategy/Leadership, BIM Management, General (multi-discipline)
2.1RoddPereyArchiCAD - A Revit User's PerspectiveArchitecture BIM Management, General (multi-discipline)
2.1JeamesHanleyAre BIM Managers Headed for ExtinctionBIM Management Architecture, Business Strategy/Leadership
2.1GustavKroyherrExporting and Managing Data from Revit Model to ODBC Database and Beyond.BIM Management, Architecture
2.1LaurenSchmidtRevit Sites and LandscapesGeneral (multi-discipline) Architecture, Civil
2.1 & 2.2PeterKompolschekLAB: Revit and QTO with Dynamo Architecture, Estimation
2.1 & 2.2HarryMattisonLAB: You can be a Revit Programmer! Coding, Content & Customisation BIM Management
2.2RichardTaylorAuditing your Revit Project with Ideate ExplorerArchitecture, BIM Management
2.2AndreasDieckmannAutomating Automation: Batch-Processing Revit Models with Dynamo and the Revit Test FrameworkCoding, Content & Customisation, BIM Management, Architecture
2.2PeterImbrechtsBCF: Go one Step Further and Enhance CollaborationBIM Management Business Strategy/Leadership, General (multi-discipline)
2.2MichalDengusiakIntegrated approach to MEP design: Calculation, Simulation and Drawing. Part 1MEP, Simulation & Analysis, General (multi-discipline)
2.2MikeTurpinLearning C# Revit API and its use in Company BIM ManagementCoding, Content & Customisation, BIM Management
2.3AracelyArgumaniz-ThompsonWorking in a Collaborative Environment with ProjectWise, Revit, C3D and MicrostationBIM Management General (multi-discipline)
2.3MichalDengusiakIntegrated approach to MEP design: Calculation, Simulation and Drawing. Part 2MEP, Simulation & Analysis, General (multi-discipline)
2.3JulienBenoitCoordination Process on the New Rennes Subway LineCoding, Content & Customisation, BIM Management
2.3ElizabethGrantLasers, Analysis and Chapels: Capturing a Modern MasterpieceSimulation & Analysis Operations and Maintenance, Architecture
2.3ÁkosRechtoriszOPEN BIM in PracticeBIM Management, General (multi-discipline)
2.3DavidWoodLAB: Revit Automation for BIM ManagersBIM Management Coding, Content & Customisation
2.3TimWaldockLAB: Stairway to HeavenArchitecture, BIM Management, Structure
2.4JackGrayBIM and the Unassuming Construction ProcessBIM Management Construction/Fabrication
2.4KelliLubeleyRehab in Revit: Best Practices for RenovationsGeneral (multi-discipline) BIM Management, Architecture
2.4Arnode LangeUnderstanding Complex Smart FamiliesArchitecture MEP, Structure
2.4JoeBanksUsing Fuzor to Present your Model in Real TimeArchitecture Visualisation, Simulation & Analysis
2.4JulienBenoitLAB: Coordination Process on the New Rennes Subway LineCoding, Content & Customisation, BIM Management
2.4KelvinTamLAB: Work Points - Geometries - Coordinates - SchedulesArchitecture BIM Management
2.5JohanKuppensFirst see the Light at the End of the TunnelCivil Construction/Fabrication, BIM Management
2.5Martin AdamMartinsenModelling for Integration Between Revit Structural and Robot Structural Analysis Professional.Structure Simulation & Analysis
2.5DaanMoreelsReal-time BIM cloud collaboration roll-out in 30 minutes - With Cloudalize & NVIDIA General (multi-discipline), BIM Management
2.5CarlStormsRevit Roofs Suck!Architecture General (multi-discipline)
2.5RalphSchochThe Future of MEP Familes - Proudly sponsored by SatbiplanMEP, Coding, Cotent & Customisation, BIM Management
2.5JoeBanksLAB: A Masterclass in Revit Topography , Using the Native Tool and the New Site Designer.Architecture Civil, General (multi-discipline)
2.5PeterKompolschekLAB: Visualise Complex Data with Dynamo and the Revit API Simulation & Analysis General (multi-discipline)
3.1MarkWieringaLife on the Grid, Working with Curtain WallsArchitecture
3.1DavidWoodPlanes, Trains and Automobiles: Continual BIM ImprovementBIM Management Business Strategy/Leadership, General (multi-discipline)
3.1WolfgangSünderSteel-Roof Schallmoos or How to Use Adaptive Components to Build up a BIM Model Out of 3D SplinesConstruction/Fabrication BIM Management
3.1GordonPriceSystems Thinking: Not-In-Contract Graphics as a VehicleBIM Management Coding, Content & Customisation, General (multi-discipline)
3.1MattPetermannThe Path to Enlightenment: Revit Data AnalysisEstimation Simulation & Analysis, BIM Management
3.1LeeMullinLAB: Clash Coordination for The Entire Ecosystem General (multi-discipline) Construction/Fabrication, General (multi-discipline)
3.1 & 3.2HarryMattisonLAB: Advanced Concepts in the Revit APICoding, Content & Customisation Simulation & Analysis, Architecture
3.2GrahamStewartAutodesk® Revit® Structure - Management, Templates, and StandardsStructure BIM Management
3.2MichelleFarrellBIM for Energy Simulation: Challenges and Solutions for Engineers and ArchitectsBIM Management Simulation & Analysis, BIM Management
3.2HåvardVasshaugBuilding Design Design with Revit, Rhino, Dynamo & GrasshopperArchitecture Simulation & Analysis, General (multi-discipline)
3.2ShrikantSharmaSmart Space- Harnessing the Power for BIM for People Centred DesignSimulation & Analysis, Visualisation, Business Strategy/ Leadership
3.2MargaridaBarbosaUsing Photogrammetric Surveys at Architectural OfficesGeneral (multi-discipline) Operations and Maintenance, Architecture
3.2ArminDarizLAB: Steel-roof "Schallmoos" Build Your Own "Spider Web" membrane Structure with Real-World FamiliesConstruction/Fabrication BIM Management, General (multi-discipline)
3.3JayZallan(The New) Coordinate and Dominate | BIM Project SuccessBIM Management General (multi-discipline)
3.3RoddPereyFrom Hedy Lamarr to HAL: BIM, Building Automation and the Internet of ThingsOperations and Maintenance Operations and Maintenance, BIM Management
3.3GregDemchakMethods and Best Practices for Automated 4D Project Planning Using Revit, Synchro, and P6Construction/Fabrication Simulation & Analysis
3.3KelliLubeleyPower Up Your Project: Tips and Tricks for Electrical EngineersMEP BIM Management, General (multi-discipline)
3.3WolfgangSünderSteel-roof Schallmoos Focusing on Family IssuesConstruction/Fabrication BIM Management
3.3PeterDebneyLAB: Revit to Pedestrian Simulation using MassMotion FlowSimulation & Analysis General (multi-discipline)
3.3HåvardVasshaugLAB: Enhance Your Project Workflow with DynamoGeneral (multi-discipline), Coding, Content & Customisation, BIM Management
3.4JeremyTammikAll you Ever Wanted to ask about Revit API, The Building Coder, and all Other Non-UI Revit TopicsBIM Management Coding, Content & Customisation
3.4TrevorWoodsBIM for Lean Construction ManagementConstruction/Fabrication Estimation, Business Strategy/Leadership
3.4GordonPriceExploring the Dark Arts: Secrets of Revit Deployment & ManagementBIM Management Business Strategy/Leadership, General (multi-discipline)
3.4CarlStormsSo what’s this A360 Collaboration for Revit I’ve heard so much about?Architecture BIM Management, Business Strategy/Leadership
3.4DavidBettsLAB: Smart Space- Harnessing the Power for BIM for People Centred DesignSimulation & Analysis, Visualisation

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