Revit Technology Conference 2007

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  Wesley Benn
Benn Design Pty. Ltd.

AS the principal of Benn Design, Wesley has been using and advocating the cause of Revit for more than 6 years. Benn Design is a full service architectural firm, with projects ranging from houses to high-density residential and commercial development projects. Wesley works with a distributor in demonstration, training, implementation and support, works with Autodesk on Revit development and implementation, and has active businesses in staff recruitment, production outsourcing, and content creation.

Wesley is the founder and Chairman of the Revit User Group, Sydney, is an occasional speaker and design jury member at UNSW, and apparently has a wife and two children.

  Glenn Cunnington
Humphrey & Edwards
Glenn had aspirations to be the greatest home-brewer in history, or at least a rock and roll star! However due to some dreadful evil perpetrated in a past life he has been condemned to a career in architecture.

Since graduating in Architecture from the University of Queensland, Glenn has held senior positions with Chetwood Associates (UK), Peddle Thorp (North Queensland) and Seidler Associates in Sydney before launching his own practice “Monumentum” specialising in planning and environmental design. He is now an associate with Humphrey & Edwards in Sydney.

Humphrey & Edwards is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice working mainly with substantial commercial, retail and residential projects.

Glenn has been using Revit for nearly three years and hasn’t looked back… He has come to accept that he’ll never be a rock and roll star… But at least occasionally still enjoys a good home-brew!

  Clay Hickling

Clay Hickling has been working with GHD for the past 10 years as a civil and architectural designer/documentor. GHD, being a multidiscipline Architecture and Engineering firm adopted Revit some 3-4 years ago. Clay is currently coordinating the implementation of Revit thru the various parts of the GHD business. This entails training, development and technical support. Recently Clay was involved in the startup of a Revit user group for the South Queensland region. With the motto of working smarter and not harder Clay enjoys sharing knowledge with others. Outside of this envioronment Clay spends as much time as he can on the golf course.

  Steven Hutana

Hutana Design Ltd


As Director of Hutana Design, Steve has been using Revit since release 4.5 with over 18 years of using Autocad which started as a junior draftsperson on Te-Papa museum with Jasmax. His passion is digital design in Architecture and BIM. At present Steve lectures and tutors Revit at Unitec part time. He is also a AOTC Revit tutor and consults to architectural practices. In his spare time Steve is married with three lovely children.

  Chris Needham

C3 Consulting Solutions


Chris Needham is the director of C3 Consulting Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in BIM systems development and implementation.

He is committed to both strategic and technical best practice, and enjoys creative problem solving.

He has worked on projects in Australia and the United Kingdom, using his CAD Management expertise to develop custom AutoCAD systems for numerous offices. Over the last three years, he has helped firms make their transition to Revit, and is passionate about exploiting BIM technology to its limit and sharing his findings with others.

He has trained industry professionals across Australia, and taught Revit and AutoCAD at RMIT. He is a graduate member of the RAIA and a committee member of REVIC.

  Chris Price
Cadway Design

Cadway Design was created with the vision to provide accurate and fully coordinated project documentation for our clients packaged in good old fashion personal service. 15 years on and the vision is a reality thanks in part to Revit.  As the IT/CAD Manager as well as a senior designer, Chris Price began using and training others in the use of Revit in early 2001 and has used it on a daily basis since; joining Cadway in mid 2005.  An odd breed, Chris was one of the first complete Revit users not polluted with any preconceptions caused by the use of other 2D CAD software.  He currently holds a Bachelor in Architectural Studies and is completing his final year to obtain his Bachelor of Architecture.  Above all, Chris enjoys facilitating and training other Revit users and aiding their success.  He actively participates and moderates on such forums as Revit City and AUGI under the username Mr Spot where his input is well respected.

  Tim Waldock
PTW Architects

Tim attended the Australian launch of Revit in 2000 (v2?) and has been working enthusiastically with the software since 2005.   Prior to this he had worked on numerous 3D building modeling systems such as Scribe, Rucaps, Caddsman and Triforma for over 20 years, often working closely with the software developers.   As Technology Integration Manager of PTW Architects he is responsible for the switch to BIM from 2D and 3D - working in a hands-on approach including training, project setup, ongoing support and producing Revit documentation.  Tim has also been a long-standing member of the RAIA environment committee for many years, and welcomes the long-overdue integration of BIM and ESD assessment software in Revit Services.