Chris Needham

Global Director, Partnerships
Region Chairman, ANZ
Chris is BIM Lead for southern Australia, as part of AECOM’s BIM Advisory team. He works closely with a range of building and infrastructure clients to leverage information to their advantage, during design, construction and operational phases of their facilities.

Chris’s responsibilities tend towards change management with a technical component. As such, much of his time is spent in writing documents, reviewing and aligning information between groups of information authors and consumers.

He has worked on projects in both Australia and the United Kingdom, using his expertise to develop systems and processes for numerous organisations. Over the last 12 years, he has helped firms understand and implement BIM methodologies, and is passionate about exploiting information management technology to its limits. He acknowledges that despite developments in technology, altering people's behaviour is the most crucial and often difficult part of change.

Chris has taught hundreds of industry professionals across Australia, and students at multiple tertiary institutions. He’s led and been involved with various initiatives to help industry for most of his career.



Clay Hickling

Clay Hickling has been working with GHD for over a decade as an architectural and civil designer/documenter. GHD, being a multidiscipline Architecture and Engineering firm adopted Revit quite sometime ago. Clay is part of an internal development team coordinating the implementation of all the Revit flavours thru the various parts of the GHD business, his focus being Architecture. This entails training, development and technical support. Recently Clay was involved in the startup of a BIM user group called BrisBIM.With the motto of working smarter and not harder Clay enjoys sharing knowledge with others and enjoys the meeting people in the RTC community. Outside of this environment Clay spends as much time as he can on the golf course and riding the bike.

Ceilidh Higgins

Associate Member - Marketing
Ceilidh's specialty is work - both the places we work and the way we work. Her day job is Senior Associate for Interior Design at DJRD where she specialises in workplace strategy and design, delivering workplace projects from as small as 5 people through to upwards of 1000 people. She is involved across all project phases from proposal stage through to post construction. She also has experience across a wide range of sectors including government, laboratories, healthcare and transport. Ceilidh was an early adopter of Revit for interior design and is a well known presenter at RTC. You might also know her alter ego "Stu BIMinions". Outside of work, Ceilidh researches, writes and speculates on the future of work - both as a place and the processes of working within the AEC industry - and the impacts of technology upon both. You can find her writing at

Nathan Hildebrandt

Fultron Trotter Architects
Associate Member - Stream Lead
Nathan is a passionate Architect that is driven to succeed. He has a broad experience in the management and delivery of a variety of Architectural Project types as a “Managing Architect.” He is highly regarded for his skills in the development of OPENBIM processes, being seen as a leader in the use of BIM authoring software ArchiCAD not only locally but internationally also, being invited to present at the Graphisoft KCC 2014 in Budapest, Hungary and a number of local events. He also contributes to the community through Volunteering in a number of BIM based organisations and shares his experiences through his BIM blog “Skewed.”

Chris Penn

Associate Member - Stream Lead
Chris is the BIM Manager for the Hansen Yuncken and Leighton Contractors JV on the $1.85BN new Royal Adelaide Hospital Project in South Australia.
He is a Building Services Engineer who had been influential shaping the UK construction industry and for over 30 years driving the adoption of the latest technology to deliver virtual construction on some of the country’s most prestigious projects.
In 2011 he then decided to take up the opportunity to relocate to Adelaide so he could be instrumental establishing BIM on the largest and most technically advanced hospital project in Australia. Since then he has guided the design and construction teams, the whole supply chain and the handing over of the LOD500 data as a virtual asset to Spotless and the State. This achievement has not only been significant for SA but also for the BIM adoption across Australia.
He is Vice Chairman for buildingSMART Australasia and has just been invited to represent the industry on the first Australian BIM Advisory Board (ABAB) set up by ACIF & APCC following the recommendations by Commonwealth in their SMART ICT report.

Adam Sheather

Program Manager
My role is focused on the developing systems and people skills to deliver BIM and DE project deliverables to clients across AECOM’s market sectors. This involves supporting & upskilling teams to deliver workflows and decision making to ensure best value for our clients, and allowing our talented team to focus on design rather than on output.I work as part of the AECOM BIM Advisory group providing technical and strategic advice relating to contracts, BIM Execution Plans, project deliverables, support, management and system tools on our BIM Management and BIM2FM Integration partnerships with our Clients. My other role is to manage the scope and product development of new applications working with AECOM’s Technology as a Service & GIS teams.



Jim Balding

The Ant Group
Jim Balding is a licensed architect with more than 25 years’ experience integrating technology into the architectural field. Jim earned his Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has been a member of the Autodesk Revit Architecture Client Advisory Board since its inaugural meeting, and served as the Revit Product Chair for AUGI for five years. He also founded and served as the South Coast Revit Users Group (SCRUG) president for five years.
Jim has spoken at several technology conferences and is one of the top-rated speakers at Autodesk University. He has developed a successful Autodesk Revit Architecture implementation strategy that has been adopted by some of the top architectural firms in the world. Jim has recently launched his own architectural and design technology firm - The ANT Group.

Wesley Benn

RTC Events Management
A Sydney-based architect, Wesley is the founder of RTC Events Management and the RTC Event series. As a long term user and advocate of BIM, Wesley has been speaking and teaching in the field since starting to work with ArchiCAD and then Revit in the late 1990’s. Wesley has worked directly with Autodesk on Revit development and implementation, built content for manufacturers and end-users, and has implemented multiple BIM tools into well over 300 practices throughout South-East Asia and beyond.

Wesley is a regular speaker at events across Australia and overseas talking about technology, Integrated Practice, and facilities management. He founded (and chaired for 5 years) the Revit User Group, Sydney; teaches design, BIM, and architectural technologies at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia, and remains active in architectural practice and smart cities development globally.

Phil Read

Read | Thomas
Director, Marketing and Communications
Committee Member, BILT North America
Phil Read is the co-founder of Read | Thomas - an AECO consulting group focused on connecting designers, builders and owners through cross-discipline and technology integration.

Phil has 20 years in Architecture and Engineering including 12 years experience using and implementing Autodesk Revit: the world's only fully parametric and integrated tool for the design of buildings. Since 2009, Phil has been one of the driving forces behind M-SIX and VEO™ - the world’s first fully integrated, cloud-based platform for visualization, construction and operations of buildings. A frequent public speaker and has presented Autodesk University and RTC on topics ranging from "Best Practices and Large Project Management" to "Parametric Design Iteration in Architecture" and the "Business Dynamics of Transitioning from 2D CAD to Building Information Modeling".

Among other high profile clients and projects, played a lead role in providing training, implementation and ongoing support for the Architectural, Mechanical and Structural Engineers on the Freedom Tower World Trade Center Initiative in New York.