Estimation Stream

Thank you for your interest in attending the Estimation Stream of BILT ANZ 2017. AIQS Members are eligible for a $200 saving on the 2-day registration for the event. Discounted price is $1,250 inclusive of GST. Please note: AIQS member codes will be required in order to receive this discount. In addition, formal CPD points will be recognised by the AIQS for attendance of approved sessions at this event. More details will be available shortly. Please also be aware that the overall event (featuring many more conference sessions) runs over three days, so please do visit the overall conference schedule and decide whether you’d like to register for the entire event. The sessions in the schedule suffixed by (EST) will carry the CPD-point recognition by AIQS. You are permitted to select other sessions, but please be aware that they may not earn you CPD points.

How to Register for the BILT ANZ 2017 Estimation Stream using your AIQS Membership Number

Visit the event registration site and follow the steps below.

1. Select “Delegate”

After you select new registration, you will see the page below. Select "Delegate" and continue.

2. Select “Two Day Delegate”

On the next page, select "Two Day Delegate"

3. Enter your AIQS Membership Number when you reach page 2 of the Attendee Information section.

After you complete the Attendee Information page, you will arrive on the page below. Just enter your AIQS Membership Number in the space provided.

4. Select Agenda

All classes relating to the Estimation stream have been clearly identified by the EST suffix. Please select the ones that are of interest to you. You are permitted to attend alternative sessions; you are not confined to the Estimation stream sessions. Note: you may skip selecting agenda at the time of registration and can come back to it later.

Continue and complete your registration. We will amend your invoice after we confirm your AIQS Membership Number.