ARCHICON Committee

Wesley Benn, RTC Events Management / University of NSW

Region Chairman, Asia/ Europe
Executive Chairman

A Sydney-based architect, Wesley is the founder of RTC Events Management and the Revit Technology Conference series. As a longterm user and advocate of BIM, Wesley has been speaking and teaching in the field since starting to play with a pre-release version of Revit.Wesley has worked directly with Autodesk on Revit development and implementation, built content for manufacturers and end-users, and has implemented multiple BIM tools into well over 300 practices throughout South-East Asia. He is a regular speaker at events throughout Australia and overseas talking about technology, Integrated Practice, and facilities management; he founded (and chaired for 5 years) the Revit User Group, Sydney; and teaches design, BIM, and architectural technologies at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia.


Nathan Hildebrandt, Fulton Trotter Architects


Nathan is a passionate Architect that is driven to succeed. He has a broad experience in the management and delivery of a variety of Architectural Project types as a “Managing Architect.” He is highly regarded for his skills in the development of OPENBIM processes, being seen as a leader in the use of BIM authoring software ArchiCAD not only locally but internationally also, being invited to present at the Graphisoft KCC 2014 in Budapest, Hungary and a number of local events. He also contributes to the community through Volunteering in a number of BIM based organisations and shares his experiences through his BIM blog “Skewed.”

  Chris Needham, AECOM
Region Chairman, RTC Australasia
Executive Director, Systems and Operations
Chris is BIM Lead for southern Australia, as part of AECOM’s BIM Advisory team. He works closely with a range of building and infrastructure clients to leverage information to their advantage, during design, construction and operational phases of their facilities.

Chris’s responsibilities tend towards change management with a technical component.  As such, much of his time is spent in writing documents, reviewing and aligning information between groups of information authors and consumers.

He has worked on projects in both Australia and the United Kingdom, using his expertise to develop systems and processes for numerous organisations. Over the last 12 years, he has helped firms understand and implement BIM methodologies, and is passionate about exploiting information management technology to its limits. He acknowledges that despite developments in technology, altering people’s behaviour is the most crucial and often difficult part of change.

Chris has taught hundreds of industry professionals across Australia, and students at multiple tertiary institutions. He’s led and been involved with various initiatives to help industry for most of his career.