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Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

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Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

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Places limited and start from $550


Big Data is trending in many other industries, but less so in our industry. Yet we work with data every day whether we realize it or not. What we feel our industry is lacking is the ability to manage the data. There’s plenty of it, but how do we best discriminate between what data is important and not; which is reliable and not, and so on? How do we articulate this? What is ‘data quality’? How do we define, capture, evaluate, validate, generate, analyse, interrogate, manage and ultimately leverage this data for tangible benefit?

How do you turn data as an amorphous entity into something of genuine value that helps you make better decisions? How can you turn seemingly benign and valueless data into pearls of wisdom?

How do we turn data into genuine business intelligence? What are the questions that our industry need answered in this respect?

Data Day is an event specifically focused on both current and potential use of data within the AECO/FM industry.

These are some of the big questions we’d like to pose and answer. We’ll discuss what tools can help us become more ‘data-savvy’; more equipped to deal with it intelligently, more effectively. We’ll collaborate to come up with ideas you can implement in your own businesses.


  • Identify what ‘data’ is to the AECO/FM industry, and what the key challenges our industry faces are, in relation to it.
  • Identify what data matters most to your business, and what you can do to better seize its value – through implementable idea generation.
  • Develop a graphic ecosystem of ‘data management’ tools useful to those in our industry.
  • Identify how data can be leveraged at each stage of a built project lifecycle for collective stakeholder benefit.
  • Identify skills required within our industry to solve industry problems.
  • Learn what methods other industries have employed to solve similar issues in theirs.

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