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RTC Events Management

RTC Events Management (RTCem) operates conferences and workshops in Asia, Australia & New Zealand, North America and Europe, encouraging and facilitating the sharing of knowledge within the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Although the origins of RTCem stem from the first conference in Australasia in 2005 with a software-focus, it has since evolved over the years to include other BIM platforms, non-software-specific solutions, visualisation, data management, building content, operations and facilities management, and leadership.

We continue to offer advice and training from some of the world's top instructors and industry experts, bringing relevant techniques, honed in practice, to attendees. We continue to attract the support of key industry players, offering events targeted to the specific needs of users. Growth in attendance has allowed our events to cover a broader and deeper range of subjects, but we will always pride itself on its intimate, friendly and casual nature.


BILT North America 2017
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Upcoming Events


GR Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Thursday 11 - Saturday 13 October, 2018

BILT ASIA Roadshow 2019

One day roadshow format late March/early April dates TBC in:

Shanghai - Singapore - Bangkok


Crown Events and Conference Centre, Melbourne, Australia
Thursday 23 - Saturday 25 May, 2019

BILT NA 2019

Hyatt Regency, Seattle, USA
Thursday 18 - 20 July, 2019

Recent Events

St Louis, USA

DTS 2018

Tuesday 7 - Wednesday 8 August, 2018

Data Day 2018

Wednesday 8 August, 2018

BILT NA 2018

Thursday 9 August - Saturday 11 August, 2018

BCS NA 2018

Thursday 9 - Friday 10 August, 2018


Royal ICC, Brisbane, Australia
Thursday 24 - Saturday 26 May, 2018

BILT Asia 2018

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Thursday 5 - Saturday 7 April, 2018

BCS EUR 2017

Aarhus, Denmark
Tuesday 3 - Wednesday 4 October, 2017


Aarhus, Denmark
Thursday 5 - Saturday 7 October, 2017


Toronto, Canada

BCS NA 2017

Tuesday 1 - Wednesday 2 August, 2017

DTS 2017

Tuesday 1 - Wednesday 2 August, 2017

Data Day 2017

Wednesday 2 August, 2017

BILT NA 2017

Thursday 3 August - Saturday 5 August, 2017